On Beethoven’s Opus 70, No 2


Trio Number Six, in E-Flat major, has four movements. It is one of several works composed around 1809 by Beethoven in the key of E-Flat major. The opening movement enters Poco Sostenuto in E-Flat major and 4/4 before shifting to an Allegro ma non troppo 6/8 meter. It is a sonata form with a few minor idiosyncrasies. The sprightly second movement, marked Allegretto, is in C major/minor, 2/4 time, and is a double variation form. The gently lyrical third movement, marked Allegretto ma non troppo, is in A-Flat major, ¾ time, and proceeds in an expanded minuet and trio form. The Finale, marked Allegro, brings the return to E-flat major and sonata form, executed in 2/4 time.

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