free_language (2018, 4m, mp3 detritus, mp4 detritus)
In the summer of 1997, saxophonist/composer Ornette Coleman and philosopher Jacques Derrida met in Paris before and between Coleman’s three concerts at La Villette. During these meetings, Derrida interviewed Coleman about his views on composition, improvisation, language, and racism. Their respective ideas about “languages of origin” and their experiences of racial prejudice converge remarkably, with Coleman musing, “Do you ever ask yourself if the language that you speak now interferes with your actual thoughts?” Derrida responds, “It is an enigma for me … I know that something speaks through me, a language that I don’t understand, that I sometimes translate more or less easily into my “language.”” freeLanguage is a record of “actual thoughts” conducted during a studio improvisation with audiovisual material that could not be compressed. thanks to ornette coleman for the spark and to mease hm for the final video edit.