Experimental Hip-Hop / R&B / Rock / Pop

My work in popular genres spans a wide range of original projects and collaborations. I’ve worked as a hip-hop producer, recently collaborating with A.D. Carson on his mixtap(e)ssay Sleepwalking, Vol. 1:




My own work tends towards experimental r&b, influenced by artists like James Blake, Frank Ocean, and Thom Yorke:


I’ve also done a lot of work with post-punk and indie rock, including recent projects assisting on Grady Owens debut album at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio in Chicago (of Nirvana fame) and producing my own psych/dream pop band, Sweet Tooth. Experimental techniques in recording and production are a major interest of mine, both musically and as a researcher.


My work as a pedal steel guitarist has kept me close to folk and americana styles. As a singer-songwriter, I am currently producing an album of original folk songs composed in dedication to my late Aunt Kathy Jakus, from whom I inherited her childhood 1964 Gibson LG-0 folk guitar, and who was a huge musical and personal mentor to me throughout my childhood.

As a performer, free improvisation is a central part of my practice and a continual source of inspiration. This work tends to be more experimental and often involves multimedia collaborations. An example of a collaboration between myself and cellist Kevin Davis is below: